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Pirates Scalp Redskins, 48 - 22

By: Glenda Bailey

Pirates running the ball against Bryan County Pirates running the ball against Bryan County The first round of state playoffs began this past Friday night as the Miller County Pirates took on the Bryan County Redskins. The Pirates finished out their regular season as the #2 Seed in Region 1-A while Bryan County finished in the #3 Seed in Region 3-A. Captains for this game were Miller County seniors Jeremy Grant, Allen George, and Cameron Randle and for the Redskins, D.J. McElroy, Justin Bostick, Mike Mitchell, and Matthew Dutcher. The Pirates won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick, which turned out to be an onside kick just short of midfield. The Pirates were able to jump on the little pig and after three first downs scored on Jeremy Grant's pass to Tony Grier. Chris Williams laid the pig between the goal post, and the Pirates were 7-0 against the Redskins.

Miller County's Black Death Defense came on strong. First and 10 from midfield, Grant handed off to Shawndre Sheffield. Second and two, Grant connected to Chris Williams for a first down. First and 10 from the Redskins' 29, Grant handed off to Sheffield, who shot up the middle while Pirate #56 Cameron Randle opened up double doors for Sheffield to score a touchdown. Chris Williams was on again with the point attempt, moving the Pirates to 14-0.

Another PAT for the Pirates Another PAT for the Pirates Bryan County's # 4 Winston Johnson received the kick and was hit by a mass of Black Death Pirates. First and 10 from the Redskins' 27, there was no gain on the play. Second down- Deandre Walker was the ball carrier with a loss of 1. Third and 11, Walker again carried the pig, picking up about 9 yards. Fourth and two, McElroy handed off to Ivey Mutcherson which picked up a first down.

First and 10 from the Redskins' 40, McElroy handed off to Mutcherson, but MC's #9 Anthony Thompson met him at the line. The Redskins picked up one more first down before the first quarter ended.

The Bryan County Redskins started off the second quarter with a big fullback by the name of Justin Bostick. Bostick picked up about three yards. Second and 7 , McElroy handed off to Mutcherson for a first down. First and 10 from the Pirates' 37, McElroy connected to Walker but was met again at the line by MC's McQuel Sims. The Black Death stood strong and took over on downs.

It did not take the Pirates but one play, and that was on first and 10 from the Pirates' own 25 yard line. Grant handed off to Shanwdre Sheffield. Sheffield broke out like a gazelle breaking tackles as he ran a 75-yard touchdown. Christ Williams' point attempt was on target, and the Pirates were up 21-0.

Both teams rotated possession of the little pig with strong defensive players such as Tony Grier, McQuel Sims, Cameron Randle, Trez Morgan, Frank Jones and Zenario Shuler from the Pirates and from the Redskins, Deandre Walker, Mike Mitchell, Matthew Dutcher, and Tyler Burgstiner. The Redskins tried hard to move the ball down field with under a minute in the second quarter, but was unsuccessful. So with only 9.7 seconds left in the second quarter, first and 10 from Bryan County's 49, Jeremy Grant's 49-yard touchdown pass to Tony Grier was awesome. Chris Williams' point attempt swayed a little, but the Pirates had added more points to the scoreboard, 27-0, going into half time.

During half-time, our Marching Pirates performed exquisitely; playing from the Block Buster Movie "Superman Returns." Mr. Richard Horne works very hard with these students, and so do the students with Mr. Horne.

In the third and fourth quarters, Bryan County began to get a little tougher. Chris Williams kicked off to the Redskins with Ivey Mutcherson receiving and was tripped up by Tweety Bird Thompson. Bryan County made every attempt to move the ball but was unsuccessful in doing so.

On the Pirates' next possession, those Redskins came down hard on our boys causing them to boot away the pig, but a bad snap went flying high over Russell Hart's head giving the Redskins good field advantage.

First and 10 from the Pirates' 25, Redskin #5 Ivey Mutcherson picked up about three yards. Second and seven, Deandre Walker was the ball carrier with no gain on the play. Third and seven, Walker attempted again but was met by Juwan Jones and Cameron Randle. Fourth and one, McElroy handed off to Mutcherson to pick up enough for a first down. First and 10 from the Pirates' 13, Bryan County's McElroy quarterback keeper went in for the touchdown. The Redskins' two point conversion was scored by McElroy also. The score stood 27-8.

Bryan County attempted another onside kick, trying to get possession of the ball, but Russell Hart was there to jump on the ball and take control for the Pirates. First and 10, from the Pirates' own 45, Grant handed off to Sheffield. Sheffield broke out again with Trez Morgan and Tony Grier making some good blocking for him to take the little pig in for a touchdown. Miller County's two point conversion was made by Jeremy Grant's pass to Frank Jones. The score stood Miller County, 35, Bryan County, 8.

On the Redskins' next possession, our Black Death Defense anchored down and caused Bryan County to fumble, and Miller County's #24 Frank Jones was there to retrieve the ball and break out running for the end zone to score a touchdown. It was a 47-yard run made by Jones. Chris Williams' point attempt was on again, and the score stood 42-8 in favor of the Pirates.

Bryan County was the next to score with big fullback Justin Bostick, and Taylor Lucas scored the two point conversion, moving the Redskins up on the scoreboard, 42-16.

Bryan County again scored another touchdown, but their two point conversion was unsuccessful this go around. Bryan County was moving up in points, 42-22.

The Pirates scored again before the game came to an end with Jeremy Grant's quarterback keeper. Williams' point attempt was short, but the game was won by the Miller County Pirates with the final score, 48-22.

The Pirates will set sail next Friday with the destination, Rochelle. The football players, coaches, cheerleaders, and our Marching Pirate band appreciates all the support thus far. They are asking all Pirate fans, young and old, to ride the ship to Wilcox. Your support will be greatly

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