2007-11-14 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Reports


On November 7, 2007

Debra Stovall was traveling North on Enterprise Road in a 2001 Chevrolet Impala when a deer ran into the path of her vehicle. She could not avoid hitting the deer.

On November 9, 2007

Benjamin Killingsworth was travelling South on Fourth Street approaching Crawford Street. Christopher Moates was turning right onto N. Fourth Street from Crawford Street. Mr. Moates was unable to complete the turn striking Mr. Killingsworth's vehicle in the side causing damage. Mr. Moates stated that while turning , the steering was hard and he was unable to turn it properly. No injuries or citations were issued.

On November 7, 2007 Officer Brad Cox responded to hwy 45 S. in reference to a dog complaint. Upon arrival, Officer Cox made contact with Isaiah Cheatem, who stated that some dogs killed several of his goats. Cheatem took Officer Cox to the goat pen, where the officer observed four of Mr. Cheatems goats dead and another one appeared to be dying. There were three other goats in the pen that were bleeding and had visible injuries from dog bites. Mr. Cheatem stated that he had heard the dogs, and the goats making a lot of noise when he discovered the incident. Cheatem stated that he came outside and walked around behind his residence to investigate the commotion and that was when he saw at least two dogs in the goat pen attacking the goats. Cheatem stated that when the dogs saw him they ran under the fence and into the woods.

Theft by Taking

On November 3, 2007 officer Shane Rathel responded to Bill Wells Road in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, Officer Rathel spoke to Mr. Steve Wells and he advised the officer that someone had stolen the meter off the barn. Officer Rathel and Investigator Nix observed the meter base lid had been removed and the meter had been pulled from the meter base. The lid was taken to be processed for fingerprints. Photos were taken of footprints that led from the barn to the roadway. The case is still under investigation.

Hit and Run

On November 7, 2007 Officer Kenneth Kirkland responded to the Miller County Sheriff's Office to speak with Jane Annette Knight. Upon arrival, Officer Kirkland spoke with the complainant stated that while she was at work on November 6, someone struck her vehicle and left. Officer Kirkland and Mrs. Knight walked out to her vehicle to view the damage. The complainant then showed me the damage to the passenger side door (dent and white paint). At this time, I asked the complainant when did she notice the damage. Mrs. Knight stated when she went to leave in the a.m. she noticed the dent and paint and upon arriving at work, she contacted Officer Kirkland. Mrs. Knight was advised to file a report and for her to notify her insurance company.


On November 9, 2007 Officer Kenneth Kirkland responded to Third Street in reference to a stand by. Upon arrival, Officer Kirkland spoke to a Tammy Cainion who stated she wanted to retrieve her property. Ms. Cainion stated that she had been living with a Coya Miller and that when she came home earlier the front door was locked. Ms. Cainion stated she left and upon returning, Miller would not let her in. Officer Kirkland advised Ms. Cainion that she was not on the lease and we (officers) have dealt with this problem for the past several months. Officer Kirkland then spoke to Miller who stated he had been trying to get Ms. Cainion out but she refuses to leave. Cainion stated that she did not have anywhere to go but she would get her items and leave. At this time, Officer Kirkland asked Miller to retrieve some personal effects of Ms. Cainion, which she wanted, and that Ms. Cainion was returning with a truck to get the rest of her property but was going to be escorted by officers. Cainion then stated she didn't want anything, that she was leaving. Cainion was advised that when she returned she was not to come on the property unless she had an officer.


On November 11, 2007 Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to the Inland Service Station in reference to a gas drive off. Upon my arrival, Officer Wade spoke to the cashier,

Chrystal Roberts, who wanted to file a report. Mrs. Roberts stated that a white male driving an older model pickup Nissan truck pulled up to the gas pump and pumped thirty-seven dollars and fifty-one cents in gas and drove off in an unknown direction.

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