2007-11-14 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Colquitt is where it is!
by Terry Toole

Sometimes I can't understand our people.

Again, an effort was made to not only entertain you, feed you, educate you and let you mix and mingle with some of the best people in the world. A group of Colquitt/Miller Countyfolks not only made the effort, they succeeded in a grand way.

Friday evening, the festivities began, but plans and preparation were started last year or before. It takes hundreds of hours of planning, meetings, discussing and the final plans agreed upon. It takes a special talent to do this, and without a doubt, the right ones were chosen.

Under the able leadership of Cory Thomas, Colquitt city manager, and several 100 more volunteers, the First Festival of Southern Culture was an overwhelming success.

For those thousands who came over the two day event, they saw things they had not seen in many years or some had never seen. They saw headline talent and homegrown talent that would make Broadway proud. Some won some good money. The talent show was as professional as you would want to see and hear anywhere. They saw how it used to be done and how it's done today.

Those who came to the cook-offs gained many pounds just smelling the delicious aromas coming out of the cooking areas that drew some international cooks. They all sold out to the large crowds that came to taste their delicacies that would make your tongue bat the pallet of your mouth waiting in the lines to get to the fine foods of the South.

There were antique tractor shows, antique cars circling the town square. There were peanut picking demonstrations, the old-fashioned way. There were tons of antiques from an age gone by to demonstrate how things were done in the 1900s or before.

There were live farm animals on display for the children and adults who had never seen sheep or other animals from the farm.

There was something for anyone who wanted to learn and see something they didn't know about, be entertained by some of the best talent you could ever hope to see or hear of all varieties from picking and grinning to rock and everything in between.

The good Lord couldn't have given us a more beautiful day to enjoy all this.

I forgot to mention the Cotton Hall Opry. If laughter and entertainment adds years to your life, many years were added by this fine show of local talent and volunteers. If you didn't see it, bless your hearts, you missed the best.

Where else in this world can you see stars like Willie, Conway, Reba and the likes or better and laugh until you cry at the comedians, all homegrown talent, that we are lucky hasn't been discovered- - yet?

There is always lots happening that can draw local people away, like the Peanut Festival, the Georgia-Auburn game. We all have our choice to make, but we who stayed home are richer by far for enjoying all that this small town has to offer, not only for us who live here, but for the world.

I did get to see the Pirates defeat the Bulldogs last Friday night after leaving the grand talent show on the square.

Thanks to all of you who worked and were apart of such a great weekend of fun and entertainment. Other than the food and drinks you bought and the Cotton Hall Opry show, the rest was free.

I know I've missed saying something good about everything that happened, but when you get 71, you might not get around as fast as you once did. In my spare time, we took over 1000 photos at the festival, the ball game and some of the Opry talent that can be seen on our www. millercountyliberal.com website under dotPhoto. If you were in Colquitt or at that great ball game, you might see yourself.

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