2007-11-14 / Front Page

Mayor and one councilman stay same

by MCL staff writer

The election for the City of Colquitt re-elected a mayor, elected a new councilman, and re-elected a councilman.

The unofficial results in the Tuesday, November 6, 2007, city election was as follows
For Mayor
Jerry Chapman 213
Bea Johnson 47
For Council - District 2
Edward Williams 26
Recarlo Williams 36
For Council - District 3
Algin Merritt 33

With only 274 voters out of a possible 973 going to the polls or using the early voting or absentee route, one new face will be on the Colquitt City Council in 2008.

There was a 28 percent voter turnout, with 198 going to the polls on election day, 51 voting early in the courthouse prior to election day and 6 voting absentee. There were 19 provisional votes cast. This means that 19 voted, but they did not have proper identification or qualifi- cations to vote. These electors will be checked and counted on Thursday when the qualifications are completed.

Other than a poor turnout, and a momentary power failure over the city while the ballots were being tallied, the election was flawless.

The election superintendent stated that everything seemed to go well.

Mayor Chapman was not available for comment since he had already left town on a five hour drive after he saw that he had won the election handily.

Although 699 registered voters did not go to the polls to exercise their right to vote, those who did had their voices heard.

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