2007-10-31 / Public Safety


Hit and Run

On October 22, 2007, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to Virginia Street in reference to a possible hit and run. Upon arrival, Officer Wade Spoke with John Leland Karter, who wanted to file a report. Mr. Karter stated that his vehicle had been struck by a white vehicle (unknown make and model) at the time of the report. The case is still under investigation.

On October 23, 2007, Officer Lonnie Wade responded to Reed Street in reference to a hit and run. Upon arriving, Officer Wade spoke to John Henry Williams who stated that someone hit his 2001 Yamaha Zuma Scooter and left the scene during the night.

Mr. Williams stated that someone entered the yard on a vehicle and struck the scooter which was sitting in the back yard by the storage building. The damage was not noticed until the afternoon. Photos were taken of the damage.

Criminal Trespass

On October 23, 2007 Officer Lonnie Wade responded to Second Street in reference to criminal trespass. Upon arrival, Officer Wade spoke with

James Glover who wanted to file a report on damages done to a "no loitering" sign. The case is still under investigation.

Aggressive Driving

On October 21, 2007, Officer Hollis Smith stopped at his home. While standing outside his apartment building, he was able to hear loud music turning off onto Perry Street from Milford Street. He could also hear and witnessed two trucks accelerating very quickly. By the time they traveled from the intersection of Milford and Perry Street to the front of the apartment buildings, Officer Smith estimated their speed between 45 to 50 mph. The rear vehicle belonging to Joey Alan Drake was less than two feet behind Mr. Hunt's vehicle driving on wet pavement and seemed to still be accelerating until they spotted the patrol car in the parking lot. Officer Smith caught up with Mr. Drake at the intersection of Perry and North First Street and advised him to call the driver of the other vehicle (Mr. Hunt) and tell him to come back to their location. Officer Smith spoke with Mr. Drake and asked for his license and insurance. The officer asked him if Chief Scott Worsley just gave him a warning about his reckless driving two nights before, and he advised the officer yes. Officer Smith asked him why he was driving like that again, and he advised he did not know. Mr. Drake was charged with aggressive driving and loud music because of how close he was driving to the other vehicle, his fast acceleration on wet pavement in such a short distance and loud music well over a hundred feet. Mr. Hunt was charged with driving too fast for conditions because of his fast acceleration in such a short distance.

Theft by taking

On October 26, 2007 Officer Ben Nix responded to Hwy. 91 S. in reference to a stolen trailer. Officer Nix spoke to

Michael Albritton who stated that he had unhooked from the trailer and knew that the trailer was not in the front yard.

On October 26, 200,7 Officer Ben Nix responded to Hwy. 91S. and spoke to Sammy Watson who stated that his Yamaha Grisley was locked inside his shed, and someone went into his shed and took the four wheeler. Officer Nix saw where a vehicle had pulled off leaving marks on the cement.

Control Substance

On October 26, 2007 Investigator Ben Nix observed a purple Ford pick-up truck traveling south on Avenue Road. Investigator Nix stopped the pick-up and identified the driver as Terry Cox. Investigator Nix asked Mr. Cox if he had been drinking, and Mr. Cox stated no. Investigator Nix asked Mr. Cox if he would exit the vehicle and step to the rear of the truck. Mr. Cox did as he was asked and stated that he had been pulled over a lot for weaving because his truck had a lot of play in the wheel. Investigator Nix observed that Mr. Cox was nervous and could not stand still. Investigator Nix asked Mr. Cox if there were any guns, drugs, or dead bodies in his vehicle, and he stated no. Investigator Nix asked for consent to search his vehicle, and Mr. Cox gave him verbal consent. Mr. Cox then stated if there is anything in there, it wasn't his. Investigator Nix had the female that was in the truck to step out, and then he continued to search the vehicle. There was a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana found in the glove box and smoking devices. Investigator Nix also located a smoking pipe with what appeared to be marijuana in it on the driver's floor board. Investigator Nix also located what appeared to be marijuana in the ash tray of the truck. The substance that was located was field tested and tested positive for marijuana. Both parties were arrested and taken to the Miller County Sheriff's Office where Mr. Cox gave a statement that some of the marijuana and items found in the truck was his and that the girl with him did not know that it was in there.

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