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City Election qualifying over

by MCL staffwriter

Jerry Chapman Jerry Chapman Qualifying for the November 6 election ended Friday, August 31, with two seeking the office of Mayor of Colquitt; two seeking the City Councilman for District 2, now being held by Dennis Perkins; and Algin Merritt, being unopposed for District 3.

Jerry Chapman is seeking reelection for the City of Colquitt Mayor. Jerry commented, "If re-elected, I will continue to face issues with an open mind. I know that tough decisions have to be made to deal with Colquitt's aging infrastructure. We need to and are addressing them now, so we won't pass them on for future generations to deal with. I will utilize the relationships I've built through 11 ½ years of public service to see that we get everything available to help our City. I will proudly represent Colquitt to the state and elsewhere in the best way I know how."

Bea Johnson, the 34-year-old daughter of Wilven and Mildred Johnson, is also a candidate for the mayor of Colquitt.

"I think it's time we have leadership who will take a stand on important issues, listen to the people and give them a voice in their government, not just tell them to 'move on.' I promise to listen to you, give you a voice, and do what I can to assure that everyone, and every neighborhood is treated fairly. I may not be able to solve all your problems overnight, but I do promise to look into any issue you have and let you know what happens with that issue. I promise to be available. I am in town most days, and on the few times I am away, then I'll be available by phone. I look forward to working with all of you as we 'move on' to new leadership," stated Johnson.

Bea Johnson Bea Johnson Rev. Edward James Williams is seeking city councilman for District Two. He is a native of Colquitt. He is a family man and has been a community pastor for 11 years. Williams said, "I am a man of honesty and a man who will make a difference in serving as city councilman."

Recarlo Williams, age 23, is also seeking the District Two city councilman spot. He is the son of Ronald and Laura Williams of Colquitt. He is a 2002 graduate of Miller County High School and a 2004 graduate of Darton College where he received a criminal justice degree. He is also a 2007 graduate of Albany State University with a degree in social work. He currently is working on his master's at Albany State University in public administration. He is a member of the Colquitt Volunteer Fire Department and an active member of Sons of Colquitt Lodge #580. He is employed by the Seminole/Miller County Department of Human Resources.

Rev. Edward James Williams Rev. Edward James Williams Recarlo stated, "If elected,

Algin Merritt I plan to continue the good

work that Councilman Dennis Perkins started and give the city fresh, new ideas. I will strive to do the best for the citizens of Colquitt."

Algin Merritt is running unopposed for District One City Councilman. He was unavailable for comment.

Recarlo Williams Recarlo Williams Algin Merritt Algin Merritt

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