2007-07-18 / Public Safety


Vehicle Accident

On July 12, 2007, Jerry Thornton of Colquitt was parked in the Hog Heaven Country Store parking lot and was facing north. He stated that when he got ready to leave, he began backing up, and was turning toward the south. Thornton stated that he did not see Dianne Hudson Haywood of Colquitt coming into the parking lot behind him until he struck her vehicle. Thornton's vehicle struck Haywood's vehicle on the passenger side. Officer Brad Cox was the investigating officer.

Gasoline Theft

On July 10, 2007, Frasier Warren reported that someone had stolen about 100 gallons of gasoline from his residence. Investigator B.J. Josey spoke with Mr. Warren about the theft and collected evidence and fingerprints.

Damage to Property

On July 10, 2007, Officer Christopher M. Medina was dispatched to the intersection of Ruth St. and Milford St. in reference to a downed telephone line. When the officer arrived on the scene, he spoke with L.C. Williams who advised that while driving his garbage truck onto Ruth St., the back end of the truck caught hold of the telephone line and pulled it down from the light poles. The garbage truck was a 2005 Mack.

Gas Drive-Off

On July 10, 2007, Officer Christopher M. Medina was dispatched to the Kangaroo Express in reference to a gas drive off. When the officer arrived on the scene, he spoke with the complainant, Bruce Usery, who advised him that an older white male, driving a green over silver GMC 1500 extended cab pickup pumped $10.04 worth of gasoline and left without paying for it.

Marijuana Possession

On July 9, 2007, while Officer Hollis Smith was on patrol, he observed a vehicle traveling over the speed limit. The officer turned the blue lights on and made a traffic stop. When the driver of the vehicle, Andrew W. Lynch of Clinton, TN, was asked to show his license, he could not. While waiting for the license to be ran, the officer started asking the driver and the occupants of the car questions. They all had different stories. Officer Dale Glover arrived on the scene with the K-9 unit and ran the dog around the car. The K-9 unit alerted strong on the passenger side of the car.

The driver was advised that a search would be made of the car. During the search a green leafy substance was found that appeared to be marijuana. A cigarette wrapper was also found along with a bottle of alcohol. A field test was given to the driver to see if he was under the influence. The test was positive. He was read his rights and along with the other occupants were transported to the jail.


On July 9, 2007, Andrea K. Hopson stated that her cell phone was on her computer in her residence. She stated that her son had a lot of teenage kids at the house helping her move when the phone was missed. The phone is a Verizon mint chocolate slide phone valued at $300.00. Officer Daniel Stone was the reporting officer.

Damage to Property

On July 9, 2007, Officer Chris Medina was dispatched to the intersection of Cuthbert St. and Main St. in reference to a hit and run. When the officer arrived on the scene, he spoke with the complainant,

Stephanie McLain, who advised that an older model black semi truck hit a city lamp pole and knocked it down. McLain advised that there was a light gold cursive writing on the semi truck. There was no direction of travel available.

Marijuana Possession

On July 11, 2007, while on patrol, Officer Lonnie Wade observed a grey GMC vehicle driven by Charlene Virginia Grimsley in the area of Crawford St. Officer Wade followed the suspect to College Street and then onto Second St. Due to previous contacts with the driver, the officer knew her license was suspended. A traffic stop was made and while existing the patrol car, the officer noticed the driver switching places to the passenger side. Grimsley was placed in the patrol car while Officer Wade spoke with the passenger, Roseborough. Roseborough stated that Grimsley swapped places because she panicked when the blue lights were turned on. A license check was ran on both of the occupants. Grimlsey's was suspended and Roseborough had a valid driver's license. Assistant Chief Jason Wells arrived on the scene. While searching the vehicle, since Roseborough had not been charged with anything, they let her go. She left the scene walking. While searching the car, the officers found a piece of newspaper rolled up with a green leafy substance in it believed to be marijuana. The item was photographed and taken for evidence.

Grimsley was transported to the jail for booking. While at the jail, Roseborough came in and the officer told her he needed to speak with her. While questioning Roseborough about the incident, she declined ownership of the item. She was then placed under arrest and booked on the possession charge.

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