2007-07-11 / Public Safety

Public Safety Report

July 1, 2007

799G - Accident, Cooktown Rd. •Traffic stop, Crawford St. •Assist Seminole County •Assist city units, Crawford St. •Traffic stop, Hwy. 91 North and Avenue Rd.

799R - Deliver paperwork, Courthouse •Pick up medical supplies for hospital emergency •Prowler, Wallace Newberry Rd.

July 2, 2007

800S - Assist EMT's, Dancer St. •Escort, Crawford St.

800K - Reckless Driving, Hwy. 91 South •Vehicle stop, Hwy. 27 North •Speak with subject, Sheriff's Department •Assist Motorist, N. First St. •Assist Resident, E. Pine St.

July 3, 2007

799R - Assist police department with chase, Geer St. •Suspicious person, Bremond St.

800S - Traffic stop, Main St. •Traffic stop, Crawford St. Unwanted subject, E. Dancer St. •Escort, Inland

800K - Unlock vehicle, Crawford St. •Vehicle stop, Crawford St.

July 4, 2007

799 G - Speak with subject, Stegall Road •Speak with subject, Helms Rd. •Assist deputy, Sheriff's office

800H - Traffic stop • Report of fight •Speak with subject

800C- Domestic, Sheriff's office

July 5, 2007

800C - Traffic stops • Loud music

800H - Traffic stop •Missing cell phone •Down phone line •Escort, Helms

July 6, 2007

800S - Assist EMT's, Middle St. •Bank alarm, Crawford St. •Shoplifting, Main St.

800F- Reported fireworks, Dancer St. •Vehicle blocking road, Dancer St. •Assist 799O, Jeterville

799R - Funeral escort, Hwy. 27 N. •Speak with subject, Sheriff's office •Unlock vehicle, Helms Rd. •Speak with subject, Draper Jones Rd. •Pick up funeral signs, Whites Bridge Rd. •Speak with subject, Sheriff's Office

800K - Assist EMS, Middle St.•Fireworks, N. Milford St. •Speak with subject, E. Pine St. •Vehicle stop, Phillipsburg Rd. •Unlock vehicle, Crawford St. •Vehicle stop, Main St.

July 7, 2007

800F - Medical call, North 1st St.

800S - Escort, Hwy. 45 South •Traffic stops, Crawford, Hwy. 27 S. •Traffic stop, Main St. •Assist 800K, College St.

800K - Vehicle stop, Crawford St. •Disturbance, Bush St. •Assist EMS, N. 1st St. •Vehicle stop, Pine St. •Loud music, Milford St.

July 8, 2007

800K - Unlock vehicle, Crawford •Vehicle stop, N. Milford

799R - Stand by, Wacaser Rd. •Funeral escort, Lucille Rd. •Pick up funeral signs, Griggs-Lucille Rd. •Assist Baker Co. with accident, Phillipsburg Rd.

800S - Two traffic stops, Hwy. 27 South •Traffic stop, Crawford St. •Assist 799D, traffic stop, Main St.

799R - Alarm, Uncle Charlie's Rd. •Traffic stop, Hwy. 91 S. •Prowler, Newberry Chambers Rd. •Traffic stop, Pine St.

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