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Nursing Home News

This past week the residents enjoyed music from the Edmunds family from Bainbridge. On Tuesday of this week the Joy Lighters will not be here. They will be here Thursday, July 12, at 7:00 p.m. Residents are looking forward reminiscing with Miss Jane, enjoying music by Gayle and Sugar Cookie Day this Friday.

Activities for the week


10:30 Church by First Baptist

2:30 Grandma's Attic, Jane Wiggins

Thursday 10:30 Bingo 2:30 Game day 7:00 Joy Lighters


10:30 Music by Gayle Grimsley

2:30 Sugar Cookie Day


Family Day

2:30 Music, "The Blessed," Albany

Sunday 10:00 Sunday School 4:00 Cooks Union

Monday 10:30 Bible Study 2:30 Let's go bowling

Tuesday 10:30 Bingo 2:30 Ladies Club

Visitors of the week:

Russ and Georgia Ayers, Sammy Gardner, Jenny and Joyce Kolbuss, Luci Hiers, Bobby and Carolyn Conard, Allen Gardner, Wilda Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Cheryl James and Geneva Kelly visited Joshie Choice.

Lue Hawkins, Mamie Green, Betty Lavette, Linda and Shacua Hawkins visited Georgia Lee.

Sarah Sutton, Ulysee Sutton, Minnie and George Lasure, and Willie Sutton visited Josephine Sutton.

Margaret Heurs visited Lee Bradley.

Kelly Tucker and Louise Mcduffin visited Lucille O'neal.

Fred Rogers visited Freddie Freeman.

Lillie Mae Bell and Abby Cloud visited Grace McLendon.

Rachel Carter visited Mary Byrd.

Sabrina, Gala and Jaden King visited Mattie King.

Ann and Gena Carlton, Patsy and Ed Roberts, Snooks and Vivian Roberts visited Bronnie Roberts.

Helen Tabb and Kittie Teel visited Sara T. Newberry.

Sue, Jewel, Hattie L. Benton, and Kate Woodall visited Arrie Perkins.

Theresa Kyles visited Mayola Robert.

We invite everyone to come and visit.

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