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Principal honored by school and parents

Teachers Kim Widner and Angela King tell of honor to Principal Kent Richardson. BOE calls Special Meeting June 5 Teachers Kim Widner and Angela King tell of honor to Principal Kent Richardson. BOE calls Special Meeting June 5 At the conclusion of the first grade honors day program on May 17, 2007, Kim Widner and Angela King presented yearbook dedication in honor of Mr. Kent Richardson, principal at Miller County Elementary School.

Mrs. Widner stated that one of the most memorable moments of the school year was Mr. Kent wearing his Dr. Seuss hat. The remainder of the yearbook dedication was worded: "The staff and students of Miller County Elementary School would like to dedicate our 2006-2007 yearbook to Mr. Kent Richardson. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to children of our community. We love you!"

Every person in the filled MCES auditorium, who could rise, gave Principal Richardson a standing ovation for the yearbook dedication and thanked him for being a man of high morals whom the teachers and parents could look to with respect and the students could have as a role model.

Kent Richardson has served as principal of the Miller County Elementary School for the past two years with great improvements in the morale of the students and the teachers as well as improvements in the test scores of the students.

Mr. Richardson always gives credit for any improvements to some of the best teachers anywhere and the best students. He is greatly admired by the students, their parents and faculty.

Two years ago, Principal Richardson was asked to move from the Miller County Middle School as principal where he was awarded honors from the state of Georgia as being one of the best princi- pals in the state. The move was to try and bring the elementary school up in ratings, which he has done.

To date, Richardson has not been hired by the local board of education, although he has been recommended by the superintendent each time the board brings up to hire the principal.

At a recent BOE meeting, the hiring of the principal was brought up by BOE member Terry Pickle and new board member, David Lovering only to be voted down by the other three members, Leroy Bush, Vicki Merritt and Sheila Freeman.

To date, those members voting against Richardson have not given valid reasons for not rehiring him.

As board member, Vicki Merritt told a number of citizens after the vote tied 2-2, "Kent has done a great job as principal at the Miller County Elementary School. I think he is just where he needs to be."

Superintendent Robbie Phillips stated, "Kent has done everything we could ask him to do. He moved from a school that he had been honored by the state education officials and Governor Perdue as being one of the best principals in this state. He moved to the Miller County Elementary School when was in the gutter with test scores, with teacher and student morale. He has gotten back on course with marked improvements. I'm not going to be the only superintendent in the state to not continue to recommend one of the state's best principals."

It has been rumored that

principal for the Miller County Board of Education will be hired at the next BOE meeting even though this same BOE had set for June 15 as being the final deadline for applicants to apply for this position.


At 5:44 p.m. Monday, June 4, we received a FAX from the Miller County Board of Education office that there would be a called meeting on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. at the Miller County High School Media Center (different from the regular meeting place at Colquitt City Hall). The special agenda will be:

1. Hire elementary school principal and special education teacher.

2. Accept the retirement of high school media specialist.

3. Permission to advertise for special education director and media specialist.

4. Facilities update


If the citizens of Miller County are interested in their schools, or would like to see your BOE members and school officials in action, your presence would be recommended at this called meeting to find out first hand what is happening with our schools. Your BOE members and school officials would like to know what you think. They are:

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