2007-05-30 / Front Page

Miller Co. woman killed in wreck

by Terry Toole

Overturned vehicle was partially on the driver when officers arrived at the scene. Overturned vehicle was partially on the driver when officers arrived at the scene. A call came into the Miller County 911 office Monday, May 28, that a vehicle accident with injuries had occurred on SR 310 South of Colquitt at approximately 9:45 p.m. The report was that the GMC Sierra truck was overturned and a woman was pinned under it. It was also reported that an eight-year old girl was in the vehicle.

Miller County Sheriff's deputies and Colquitt Police officers were the first on the scene, followed by Miller County Ambulance Service and Colquitt/Miller Fire and Rescue Service.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found that the accident had a fatality. Mrs. Amanda Regan was found partially under the overturned vehicle and the crash scene was approximately 150 to 200 yards over into Decatur County, just over the Miller County line. Decatur County law and rescue officials were called to the scene.

EMS officers found that Amanda Regan, 33, of Twilight Church Road in Colquitt, died in the crash after she lost control of her truck.

Ms. Regan was traveling north on Hwy 310 when her truck left the road on to the right shoulder. She over-corrected and traveledinto the ditch on the left side of the highway.

According to the officers in charge, the truck flipped over several times ejecting Mrs. Regan.

Decatur County and Miller County deputies responded and found Mrs. Regan partially under the vehicle. An 8 yearold also riding in the truck was not seriously injured in the crash. Both Decatur County and Miller County Fire and Rescue and EMS responded. Coroner Peter Bruton was called to the scene where he pronounced the death.

GSP Troopers Walt Landrum and John Vanlandingham were in charge of investigating the crash.

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