2007-04-04 / Public Safety



On March 25, 2007, Officer Dale Glover saw a white Oldsmobile traveling north on Highway 91 North. The driver of the vehicle crossed over the center line and into the opposite lane of travel. The officer turned around to make a traffic stop and saw the vehicle swerve over the line again before he could stop it. Officer Glover turned on his lights and made the traffic stop.

While walking to the driver, the officer saw a pack of rolling papers under the rear passenger's feet. The driver,

Aaron Rakaska, was asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle since the papers were seen.

Takaska stated that there was no marijuana in the vehicle. He was patted down for weapons and his pockets emptied. He removed a clear plastic baggy from his left front pant pocket. The bag had nothing inside it, but smelled like marijuana.

The front passenger stepped out of the vehicle and was identified as Zachary Millard Slappey. Slappey was patted down for weapons, and nothing was found. A small plastic bag containing marijuana and seeds was found in his wallet. Slappey was arrested.

The rear passenger was asked to step out of the vehicle, identified as Tiffany Overstreet. Overstreet was asked to pull her bra out and shake it out. No contraband was found.

Overstreet and Takaska were placed in the rear of Officer Glover's patrol unit, and Slappey was placed in the rear of Deputy Brad Cox's patrol unit.

Takaska had given consent to search the vehicle. Two marijuana roaches were found in the ash tray in the dashboard, and the rolling papers that he had seen earlier in the rear floorboard were found under the front passenger's seat. Deputy Cox found a smoking pipe under the driver's seat.

Slappey admitted that the marijuana and pipes were his, and the other occupants didn't know about the illegal substances.


On February 20, Officer Kenny Kirkland responded to Counce Drive to assist Investigator Nix in reference to a theft of irrigation wire.

Upon arrival, Officer Kirkland spoke with Investigator Nix and Richard Henley.

Henley pointed out an irrigation system containing four sections and stated that someone cut the wire between the sections and removed it. Henley stated the wire system ran from motor to motor that caused the wheels to run.

Photographs were taken as well as a sample of the wire.


Verson Eugene Pickren of Colquitt was traveling northbound on Highway 27 north and was pulling a lawn mower trailer. Pickren stated that another vehicle was following him too closely and that he was getting ready to turn left onto Griggs Lucille Rd. Pickren stated he slowed down and was making sure the vehicle behind him saw his signal and wouldn't hit him from behind. Pickren stated he didn't see

Lance Charles Wood, of Deland, FL, traveling toward him southbound on Highway 27 North because he was watching the vehicle behind him.

Pickren said he turned left in front of Wood, and Wood struck his vehicle.

Wood stated he was traveling southbound on Highway 27 N. Pickren turned left in front of him, causing both vehicles to collide.

Wood stated he saw another vehicle following close behind Pickren at the time of the accident.


On March 26, 2007, officers were dispatched to the area of Highway 91 North and the city limits in reference to a possible drunk driver.

The dispatcher stated the vehicle was traveling south on Highway 91 towards Colquitt and was "all over the road."

When Officer Kirkland arrived, he saw a red Ford truck traveling south on Highway 91 North. He pulled the truck over, and Henry Lee Williams of Colquitt stumbled out of the car.

When asked for his license, Williams stated he had a permit. A strong odor of alcohol could be smelled from him; he stated he had one beer. Dispatch ran his name through GCIC for a license verification, and it came back as unlicensed. An alcohol test was administered which came back positive.

Williams was arrested and transported to the Miller County Jail.


On March 26, 2007, Cpl. Lonnie Wade and Officer Greg Richey spoke to Deborah Shedd of Colquitt and her daughter at the Sheriff's Office in reference to an assault.

Shedd stated she and William Stanley Shedd got into a verbal argument because she wanted to leave to buy drugs.

Deborah stated during the confrontation, William jumped on her and began hitting her in the face, head and arms with his fists (photographs were taken). Shedd stated that she was able to get away from him and run across the street, and she called her daughter.

Her daughter then talked her into coming to the sheriff's office to report the incident.

After speaking with Shedd, Officer Richey spoke with Sgt. Kirkland and told him of the incident and possible drug activity.

Sgt. Kirkland told Officer Richey to arrest William on a domestic violence charge of battery.

Cpl. Wade and Officer Richey left the sheriff's office to find William. When they arrived at his location, William had fled.


On March 27, 2007, Mickael D. Sanders of Colquitt came to the police department to report that he had two V3M Motorola Razor cell phones stolen.

Sanders stated that while at Wilkin's IGA on Sunday, March 18, he left the phones in his truck while he went inside the store. When he returned, he noticed that the phones were missing. He immediately contacted the cell phone company and reported the incident to them. They in return had him contact the police department.

Officer Greg Richey was the reporting officer.


Steffon Durand Sanders of Bainbridge was charged with theft by taking by Deputy Brad Cox.

Criminal trespass

On March 31, Officer Hollis Smith responded to a call to the IGA in reference to someone cutting a car tire.

When he arrived, Officer Greg Richey and Officer Smith spoke to Amber Aiken of Colquitt and Justin Coon, of Colquitt.

Coon said that he and Aiken had argued in the store earlier, and he got mad, went outside and cut her right tire with a box cutter.

Coon was asked to come to the police department where he was read his waiver of rights which he signed and was asked to give a statement. Coon was charged with criminal trespass.



On March 28, Officer Christopher Medina was patrolling and saw Willie C. Grant of Colquitt, driving east on Milford St. with no headlights on.

The officer stopped Grant and asked for his license. Grant stated he didn't have a license and that they were suspended.

Officer Medina arrested Grant for driving on a suspended license. After running Grant's driver's history, he was charged with driving while license suspended, second offense.

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