2007-03-14 / Front Page

Crooked Oak Golf Course sale pending

by MCL Staff Writer

The long awaited sale of the Crooked Oak Golf now owned by three governmental agencies will have to wait a bit longer according to an accurate source.

When rumor got out on Wednesday, March 7, that no funds had been distributed by Dealmaker Jerry Wallace, it was found that the negotiations had not been completed, but another meeting was planned this week between the owners of the course, the Miller County Commissioners, the City of Colquitt and the Colqutt/Miller County Recreation Board and representatives of Jerry Wallace Development.

The meeting between the governmental agencies and the development company is tentatively to be held on Thursday, March 15.

The Dealmaker proposes to make a good faith deposit on the payment due with any penalty and interest for all three governmental agencies so that it will not cost the local taxpayers. If this undisclosed amount is made, it will give Dealmaker time to complete their sale of the condominiums to be built at the golf course and to complete the purchase of Crooked Oak Golf Course.

A report on the temporarily postponed purchase will be in the next edition.

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