2007-02-14 / Public Safety



Garrett Wade Powell of Colquitt was traveling north on Highway 310/Brinson Road in a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am.

Powell fell asleep and crossed over the south bound lane of traffic and ran into the ditch. Powell awoke and tried to pull back onto the road, but over-corrected and lost control of the vehicle. He crossed over both lanes and ran into the ditch on the other side of the road.

The damages to the vehicle were slight, and no other property was damaged.

Sgt. Dale Glover was the reporting officer.


On January 31, 2007, Deputy Shane Rathel was dispatched to 40 Patterson Circle in reference to a four-wheeler incident.

When Deputy Rathel arrived, he found Pat Cooper of Colquitt slumped over the four wheeler handlebars.

Cooper stated he was unaware as to what had happened. Upon investigation, it appeared the ATV had proceeded backwards through a fence and entered a hog pen. It then proceeded backwards and struck a tree with the rear of the vehicle. Cooper's son was also on the all terrain vehicle.

Both victims were taken by EMS for treatment.


Thomas Wyatt Gibson of Colquitt was traveling south on Avenue Road in a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta.

The vehicle struck a deer that ran out in his path. Gibson ran off the road and struck a tree. The Jetta suffered massive damage, and both air bags were deployed.

Deputy Thomas Mitchell was the reporting officer.


Janice Rushton Welsh, of Lagrange, was traveling northbound on Highway 27 N., north of Griggs-Lucille Road in a 2006 Ford Econoline. A deer ran out in front of it, and Welsh struck the animal with the driver's side corner of its front bumper, killing the deer on impact.

Deputy Brad Cox was the reporting officer.


On February 7, 2007, Deputy Shane Rathel was dispatched to Griggs-Lucille Rd. in reference to an accident.

He spoke with Amelia Goocher Easom of Blakely, who said she was traveling east when a deer ran out of the woods and into the side of her vehicle, a 2005 Ford Escape XL.


William Corey Kimble of Colquitt was traveling southbound on Twilight Church Road in a 1998 Mazda.

Kimble stated that he saw a deer beside the road and jerked the wheel, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

He ran off the road and began turning counter clockwise; he traveled over the edge of a driveway at Twilight Church Road and went airborne over a culvert, landing several feet away on the front lawn of a residence, still turning. It appeared the vehicle straightened out and traveled several more feet across the lawn, through a small stand of newly planted pine seedlings, damaging both.

The vehicle came to a final rest after it became lodged halfway in and out of a small stream. Both front tires of the vehicle were deflated by the accident.

Deputy Brad Cox was the reporting officer.



On February 6, 2007, Sgt. Dale Glover saw a white Cadillac traveling south on Highway 91 North.

The sergeant noticed that the driver was not wearing a seat belt when it passed him. Looking in his rearview mirror, Sgt. Glover noticed the car crossed over the white fog line.

Sgt. Glover turned around and caught up with the vehicle; he pulled over.

The driver, identified as Leon Isaac Rambo of Valdosta.

Rambo was asked to exit his vehicle; he appeared to be nervous. He was patted down and questioned about having any large amounts of currency and weapons. He stated he had none. Sgt. Glover asked about any illegal narcotics, and he seemed nervous, wanting to avoid the question.

The sergeant asked for consent to search the vehicle, and Rambo refused consent.

Sgt. Glover called for back-up and was going to walk K-9 Riser around the vehicle. When backup arrived, Riser and Sgt. Glover walked the vehicle. The K-9 alerted to the odor of an illegal narcotic by scratching on the right rear passenger's side door.

Sgt. Glover told Rambo that he would be searching the vehicle at this time because Riser alerted.

A blue-ish colored pack on the rear seat was found. It contained a few clothes, toothpaste and what appeared to be marijuana residue. It also had a Hi-Point 9 mm handgun in the bottom. Rambo was taken into custody. A further search of the vehicle was made, and a box of ammunition was found.

Rambo was transported to the jail and booked.


Deputy Brad Cox was dispatched to the Miller County Hospital Emergency Room, in reference to an accident.

He made contact with Samantha Ard of Colquitt, and her five-year-old son.

The child had a visible bump about his forehead. Ard stated that her son had been riding with his father, her ex-husband

Phillip Henry Harden, and that they had an accident on Whites Bridge Rd.

Ard stated that Harden's mother had called her and advised her of the accident. Ard stated that she then picked her son up from a third party residence and brought him to the hospital for treatment.

She then asked her son to tell the officer what happened, and he stated that he was riding with Harden in a pickup truck, and that the windshield began to fog up. The child stated that Harden then drove off into a ditch, and that he bumped his head at that time.

Deputy Cox asked the child if he had been wearing safety equipment, and he stated that he had not. The deputy then made contact with Phillip Harden, who was sitting in the emergency room lobby, and asked him to tell what happened.

Harden stated that he and his son were traveling north on old Eldorendo Rd., and that it was around dusk. Harden stated that he was having trouble seeing, because of the lighting and that the windshield on the truck they were in, fogged up. Harden stated that the next thing he knew, he had gone through the stop sign at old Eldorendo Rd., and Whites Bridge Rd.

Harden stated that they traveled across Whites Bridge Rd., and into the ditch on the other side. Harden stated that his son bumped his head during the accident. Deputy Cox then asked Harden if his son was wearing safety equipment, and he stated that he was not.


Amy M. Burr of Colquitt stated that her vehicle was stolen by her nephew, Derrotis Kerioth Holmes of Colquitt and that he had used the vehicle in an attempt to elude the Donalsonville Police Department.

Burr stated that her vehicle had been damaged during the incident and that she wanted to press charges against Holmes for taking her vehicle. Burr stated that Holmes had gotten into an argument with Charles Grant, prior to the incident, and that he was drunk.

Burr stated that she took Holmes home with her and that she was trying to get him to calm down.

Burr stated that she had called a brother of Holmes', who lives in Atlanta, and was talking to him on the phone. Burr stated that while she was on the phone, Holmes took her keys, and then drove away in her 2001 Ford Escape. Burr stated that she did not want to get law enforcement involved and stated that she was not going to report him. She wanted to try to get the vehicle back without Holmes going to jail. She called several people and asked them to help her get her vehicle back from Holmes. She had people calling Holmes on a cell phone, trying to get him to stop.

Burr stated that she was riding with Temika Grant, and that they managed to get Holmes to stop on Hwy. 91S at one point. She said that Holmes stopped in the middle of the road and that she walked up to him asking him to give the vehicle back.

Burr stated that she grabbed the steering wheel and told Holmes to give up. Burr stated that Holmes then sped off with her still holding the steering wheel and that he almost ran her over. Burr stated that she then called the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, and reported to them that Holmes was heading toward Seminole County in her vehicle. Burr stated that the Donalsonville Police Department tried to pull Holmes over, and he led them on a high speed chase.

Burr stated that the Donalsonville Police managed to apprehend Holmes, but not before her vehicle had suffered damage. Burr stated that the Donalsonville Police Department turned her vehicle back over to her after Holmes was arrested and that it was so severely damaged that it did not make it all the way home.

Burr stated that she has more witnesses, and that she wishes to press charges on Holmes for taking her vehicle and causing it to get damaged.

Deputy Brad Cox advised Burr that she should get an estimate on the damages to her vehicle and how much the vehicle is valued as well. Burr was advised of how to obtain a warrant as well. Nothing further at time of report.


On February 5, 2007, Raymond Fisher, of Colquitt, said someone damaged his vehicle. The windshield was spidered, and the driver's door was dented, and the blinker lights were broken. The right tail light was also broken.

Officer Hollis Smith was the reporting officer.


On February 6, 2007, Chief Scott Worsley and Detective Rick Morgan were conducting a drug investigation inside the City of Colquitt. Worsley and Morgan stopped a 1993 green Ford Mustang on First and Pine Street.

The driver, Robert Lee Shuler of Colquitt, consented to a search of his person for drugs.

During the search, Chief Scott Worsley seized a piece of crack cocaine that had been concealed in his toboggan cap.

Shuler was arrested for possession of cocaine and placed in the jail.


On February 9, 2007, Officer Hollis Smith responded to the IGA in reference to forgery. He spoke with Carolyn Wyatt who stated the checks were taken by Cindy Lovering and Amber Akin. Both were taken on February 3.


Jamie Levi Phillips of Colquitt stated that he was backing up and not paying attention and struck Vernell P. Henderson, of Colquitt, causing moderate damage to the driver's side doors of her vehicle. There were no injuries reported while on scene, and no citations issued.

Sgt. Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.


Walter C. Dancer of Colquitt stated he was backing up and did not see Robert Kretschman, of Graceville, FL.

Dancer struck Kretschman on the front, causing minor damage. There was no report of any injuries on scene, and no citations were issued.

Captain Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.

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