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BOE member resigns

BOE member resigns

Andy Spooner Andy Spooner One of the members of the Miller County Board of Education has resigned from that board according to a letter to Governor Sonny Perdue on February 4.

In a letter of resignation, Andy Spooner, gave the reason as a change of residence to another district. He gave the date of resignation to become effective Tuesday, February 6.

Spooner stated, "I have enjoyed my time serving this board and the citizens of Miller County. I only hope and pray that my decisions, while on this board, have effected a positive change in our school system."

Spooner was appointed to the District 3, BOE post when Wayne Sheffield had been elected and resigned for health issues after serving approxiresigned mately one month of a four year term in 2005. Andy Spooner, who had offered in that same election, was appointed to serve the remainder of Sheffield's term.

Under state law in Miller County, the unexpired term of a board member who has or cannot serve, is filled by the existing members of the Miller County BOE by a citizen in that district.

According to the BOE office, Spooner served from the March meeting in 2005, until his resignation to the governor effective the time that he left the district on February 6, 2007.

Until the four member Miller County BOE appoints a member to represent the citizens of District 3, they will be unrepresented at BOE meetings.

This is an important time when this BOE will hire the teachers, principals and all employees of the school system of Miller County as well as vote on how to spend more than $20 million for the new school buildings as well as the budget for this year.

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