2007-02-07 / Public Safety



Timothy Daniel Roland of Colquitt stated he lost his cell phone on New Year's Eve and needed a report for insurance. Captain Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.


On January 15, Tiva Panghorn of Colquitt reported that her cell phone was missing from her car. Deputy William Bundy was the reporting officer.


On January 19, 2007, Joshua H. Dean of Jakin was traveling west on Highway 273 when a deer ran into the path of the 2003 Ford Explorer he was driving.

Dean was unable to avoid hitting the animal and caused extensive damage to the front of the vehicle. The deer was killed.

Deputy Robert Grier was the reporting officer.


Mark Cook of Colquitt was riding a four wheeler at his residence. When he returned, he noticed that his cell phone was missing. SRO Shane Rathel was the reporting officer.



On January 31, while on patrol, SRO Shane Rathel saw a red S-10 Chevrolet truck failing to maintain lane on Hwy. 27 South.

The truck crossed over the dividing line and pulled back into its lane of travel. The vehicle then crossed over the fog line several times.

SRO Rathel activated his lights and made the traffic stop.

The driver of the vehicle,

Blake Aaron Easters of Bainbridge began to pull over, and the officer noticed what looked to be a small plastic bag being tossed out the passenger side window.

SRO Rathel called Sgt. Dale Glover and requested assistance.

When he asked for license and insurance, the officer noticed that Easters was very nervous and was shaking tremendously. The officer asked what was thrown from the window, and Easters said it was a cigarette. The officer asked again, and Easters said it was a bag of weed.

SRO Rathel then placed the passenger in the vehicle, Michael Webb, of Bainbridge, in custody.

When Sgt. Glover arrived, he searched the area with his K-9, Riser. Riser alerted to a leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana.

Sgt. Glover photographed the evidence, and it was taken.

Easters was then taken into custody also. Deputy Brad Cox arrived and transported both men to the county jail.

The vehicle was searched for more evidence. A set of digital scales and several zip lock bags were found and also taken as evidence.


On January 11, Deputy Robert Grier was called to 287 Whites Bridge Road to take a report on a stolen pick-up truck owned by Tommy Widner of Bainbridge.

Widner stated that someone had entered his property without authority or permission and taken a 1965 Ford F-100 that was parked behind an unoccupied mobile home located at 287 Whites Bridge Road.

Widner stated that he has been in the hospital as of December 18, 2006 until this date. The truck was last seen around December 18.

The incident is under further investigation.

Deputy Robert Grier was the reporting officer.



Rick Laguardia reported that someone tried to enter the little shed beside the barn on 310 south. The barn and area were checked ,and nothing was found to be missing at this time. Investigator Terry Williams was the reporting officer.


On Wednesday, January 31, Deputy Thomas Mitchell spoke to Terry Eugene Meredith of Colquitt stated that someone had stolen the tag off of his truck.

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