2007-02-07 / Public Safety

public safety report

4 February 799D Assist, Hwy. 310 +Assist EMS, Griggs-Lucille Rd. +Unlock Vehicle, Dutch Cook Rd.

800F Busy, Jail +Escort 2x +Alarm, Hwy. 27

3 February 799D Unwanted Person, Kelly Rd. +Shots Fired, Grady Cobb Rd. +Civil Paper Served

800F Out with EMS, West and Main St. +Disturbance Call, Brooks St. +Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, College and Cuthbert St.

800S Traffic Stop, Hwy. 27 S. +Traffic Stop, Crawford St. +Assist 799N with Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd. +Assist EMTs, E. College St. +Assist EMTs, 4th St. +Assist EMTs, W. Main St.

2 February 799D Suspicious Activity, Griggs Lucille Rd.

800F Gas Drive-Off +Out with Subject, Bremond St. +Child Custody, S. 3rd St.

1 February 800S Traffic Stop 2x, Crawford St. +Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd. +Traffic Stop, N. Milford St.

799R Water over Road, Three Notch Rd. +Assist Motorist, Griggs Lucille Rd. +Vehicle Accident, Johnny Freeman Rd. +Assist EMS, Brinson Rd. +Search Warrant

800C Water over road, Crawford St. +Water over road, Grow St. +Check on House, 1st St.

31 January 799D Funeral Escort +Attempted Theft, Stein Rd. +Accident with injuries, Patterson Circle +Traffic Stop

799R Funeral Escort, Hwy. 45 S. +Theft in Progress, Stern Rd. +Four Wheeler Accident, Patterson Circle +Brush Fire, Hwy. 27 N. +Assist 799D, Hwy. 27 S. +Speak with Subject, Via Telephone

800C Dog Problem, Cuthbert St. +Traffic Stop 3x +Lost Cell Phone

800E Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, Cooktown Rd. +Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy. 27 +Suspicious Person

30 January 800F Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford and West +Escort, Pine St. +Escort

800S Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd. +Speak with Subject, S.O.

29 January 800F Fight, 4th St. +Escort 2x +Report of Missing Juvenile, Thompson Town Rd.

800S Traffic Stop, Cooktown Rd. +Speak with Subject,

E. Bush St. +Assist 800K, Thompson Town Rd. Area counties on FSA 911 Calls 01-30 Missing Child, Thompson Town Rd. 01-31 Accident, 45 S. 02-01 Cows Out, Seminole Co. 02-01 Han- up, Brinson Rd. 02-01 Weather Alert, N. Cuthbert St. 02-01 Weather, Bellview Rd. 02-01 Water Alarm, Phillipsburg Rd. 02-01 Hang-up, Draper Jones Rd. 02-01 Hang-up, SE Sector 02-01 Medical, Brinson Rd. 02-01 Accident, Johnny Freeman Rd. 02-01 Water over Rd., City 02-01 Cows, Thompson Town Rd. 02-02 Hang-up 02-02 Hang-up 02-03 Medical, E. Main St. 02-03 Accident, Avenue Rd. 02-03 Medical, College St. 02-03 Hang-up, Brinson 02-03 Hang-up, SE Sector 02-03 Hang-up, Brinson 02-03 Medical, 4th St. 02-03 Domestic, Brooks St. 02-04 Medical, Cotton Gin 02-04 Hang-up, E. College St. 02-04 Hang-up, Brinson Rd. 02-04 Hang-up, NW Omni Sector 02-04 Medical, Brinson Rd.

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