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Kennedy receives Green Beret

Kennedy receives Green Beret

Michael Lee "Mickey" Kennedy In several impressive ceremonies held October 20 and 21, 2006, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Michael Lee Kennedy Jr. was inducted into the Green Berets, an elite group of soldiers of the United States Army.

Kennedy joined the Army in 2001, completing boot camp, Airborne training, and Ranger training in Fort Benning. Upon completion of his tours, Kennedy applied and was accepted into the two year Green Beret program.

The requirements of this program are extensive physical training as well as a three week survival simulation as a prisoner in a war camp. The soldier is required and taught to speak, read and write a foreign language. He is also trained extensively in his specialty area such as communications, medicine, navigations, computers, etc. The soldier is graded on each phase of training and must receive a passing grade before advancing the next phase. Upon completion of all phases of training, the soldier then receives the honor of wearing the green beret.

Kennedy resides in Fayeteville, North Carolina, but is presently in Nevada completing preparedness training for his next tour of duty. He will be returning to Afghanistan in March.

"Mickey" is the son of Terry and Pam Williams of Colquitt and Michael and Kim Kennedy of Calhoun, Tennessee. His grandfather is Edward A. Miller of Colquitt. He has one son, Noah, of Columbus.

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