2007-02-07 / Calendar


When is someone going to pick up that black shoe on Hwy. 27 toward Bainbridge? It's been there for months it seems!

So what you're saying is people in the bottom were paid for their vote with a chicken dinner? Hey, I wouldn't mind a free chicken dinner myself!

You must be color-blind if you think Colquitt is mainly black. I doubt that there is a part-African in the bunch. Most folks I see are Americans.

Wh e n i s s ome t h i n g going to get started in the city or county or schools. There is a lot of talk and no do.

You can bet the next time a candidate come to ask for my vote I will ask what they think of closed meetings.

Why don't our elected officials work for those who elected them instead of for themselves?

Wonder if the "possum patrol" can find those logs that Miller County has to put back in Spring Creek?

If the "bottom" isn't the only place that has sorry roads and streets.

Our hospital is the best thing we've got in this community. Somebody has to pay their bills for it to stay open.

What is the legislation about for the Board of Education? Is what they are doing at state level a secret?

When is the new school building going to start?

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