2007-01-31 / Public Safety



On January 19, 2007, Officer Lonnie Wade went to the parking lot between the Arts Council and Fire Department in reference to a hit and run accident.

He spoke with Katherine Anne Willis of Colquitt and Kevin Robert Higley of Bainbridge. Willis had noticed the rear driver's side fender area of her vehicle had been damaged, but didn't know who did it.

Officer Wade then spoke with Higley, who stated that when he was leaving the parking lot, he noticed a black car back up and hit Willis' vehicle, stop, then pull off.

Higley stated he got the vehicle's tag number and waited on an officer's arrival.

Dispatch ran the tag and on January 20, Officer Wade told Sgt. Kirkland of the incident.

The suspect vehicle came back as Steven Lyle Hracek, who stated he was unaware of the accident until he was contacted. Hracek is responsible for damages.


Sgt. Kenneth Kirkland responded to 515 East Crawford St. in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, he was met by Allen Daniels of Colquitt, who stated that sometime between November 24, 2006 and January 20, 2007, someone came onto his property and stole items.

Daniels stated the items were under his shed in his back yard. The area was searched for possible tracks as well as adjacent property.

Daniels was informed that a report would be done, and the case would be turned over for investigation.


On January 26, 2007, Captain Daniel John Stone saw a red Dodge truck traveling south on Milford St. The head lights of the vehicle appeared to be malfunctioning. They would go on and off and then back on.

Captain Stone pulled the vehicle over and spoke with the driver, Willie C. Grant of Colquitt. When asked for his license and insurance, Grant stated that his license was suspended.

Captain Stone ran a check on the license, which came back as suspended for two counts of failure to appear and one count of DUI.

Grant had been drinking at the time of the stop and appeared to be impaired. He was given a road side alcosensor test which revealed positive for alcohol.

Grant was placed under arrest for DUI and suspended license.

A search of his vehicle revealed a cup that Willis admitted to be drinking from. The cup contained straight whiskey.


Jonathan Widner of Colquitt, was backing from parking in a 1999 Ford F250 Pickup.

Dana Freeman of Colquitt was stopped awaiting entrance onto the roadway in a 2000 Acura Integra.

Widner backed into Freeman, damaging both vehicles. No injuries were reported.

Sgt. Kenneth Kirkland was the reporting officer.


M e l i n d a B r a d l e y o f Colquitt was backing from parking in a 2005 Ford Explorer.

M a l l o r y Wo m b l e o f Colquitt was parked in a parking space in a 2003 Ford Escape.

B r a d l e y b a c k e d i n t o Womble, damaging both vehicles. No injuries were reported.

Sgt. Kenneth Kirkland was the reporting officer.

ACCIDENT Dorothy Jean McQuaig of Donalsonville was stopped facing north in a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche.

McQuaig began backing south and struck Charlie Cliffon Grant's 1973 Dodge Swinge's passenger rear fender.

Grant was traveling west in the bank parking lot. No citations were issued. Officer Kenney Knowles was the reporting officer.


Ruby Jean Bell of Colquitt was in the left lane heading north on Crawford St. in a 2004 GMC Envoy.

Sonja B. Lavette, of Dothan, AL, was headed in the same direction in the right lane, driving a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant.

Lavette stated she was slowing to turn in the first entrance to the Petro station when Bell crossed into her lane trying to turn into the same entrance.

Lavette struck Bell's vehicle, causing moderate damage to both vehicles. No citations were issued and no reports of any injuries while on scene. Bell was found at fault for the accident.

Captain Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.


Mark Cook of Colquitt was riding a four wheeler at his residence; when he returned back to the house, he noticed that his Motorola Razor cell phone was missing. SRO Shane Rathel was the reporting officer.

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