2007-01-31 / Public Safety

public safety report

28 January 799D Funeral Escort +Subpoena +Disturbance, Avenue Rd. +Traffic Stop 2x

799R Transport Prisoner, Marianna, FL+Funeral Escort, Hwy. 27 S. +Accident, Johnny Freeman Rd. +Traffic Stop, Hwy. 27 S. 800H Escort 2x

27 January 799D Assist City with Accident, Crawford St. +Assist EMS, N. First St. +Funeral Escort 4x +Missing Person Located

799R Funeral Escort 2x, Main St. +Funeral Escort 2x, Hwy. 27 S. +Assist EMS, N. First St. +Stand by with Prisoner 2x, Hospital

800C Suspicious Juveniles, Third St. +Traffic Stop 4x

800E Funeral Escort 4x +Assist 800H with Accident, Cuthbert St. 800H Spoke with Subject

26 January 799D Speak with Subject, S.O. +Subpoena 3x +Civil Papers 3x +Magistrate Papers 2x

799R Pick up funeral signs, N. First St. +Put out funeral signs, Avenue Rd. +Grass Fire, Bellview Rd. +Put out funeral signs, Millerville Rd. +Cow in Road, Meredith Rd. +Traffic Stop, N. First St. +Cow in Road, Bellview Rd.

800C Escort +Assist EMS, First St. +Accident +Assist DeFACS +Traffic Stop 2x +4 Wheelers 800E Unlock Vehicle +Accident

800H Suspicious Person +Accident

25 January 800C Escort +Assist EMS +Traffic Stop 3x

800F Unlock Auto +Stopping Suspicious Vehicle 2x, 27 N. +Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, Phillipsburg Rd.

800S Traffic Stop, Hwy. 45 N. +Speak with Subject, S.O.

24 January 800F Unlock Auto, Hospital +Escort, Milford and Fourth St. +Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, Phillipsburg and Jeterville Rd. +Stopping Suspicious Vehicle, First and Crawford St. 800S Escort 2x

23 January 799G Open Door, Hwy. 91 N. 799R Assist 799G, Hwy. 91 N. 800C Bus Detail +Basketball Game

22 January 799R Put out funeral signs, N. First St. +Put out funeral signs, Phillipsburg Rd. +Provide Security, Hospital +Transport Prisoner to Miller Co. from Baker Co. Jail +Traffic Stop, Hwy. 91 S. 800C City Court +Bus Detail

21 January 799F Security Patrol through all zones +Car Fire, Kimbrel Rd. +Follow-Up on vehicle towed off, Harmony Church Rd. +Assist G.S.P. with Transport +Funeral Detail

20 January 799F Security Patrol through all zones +B.O.L.O., out of Early County +Assist 799E with Warrant +Vehicle towed, Harmony Church and Phillipsburg Rd.

19 January 799F Security Patrol through all zones +Civil Papers Served 3x +Accident, Mayhaw Rd.

911 Calls 01-22 Hang-up, Bellview Rd. 01-22 Hang-up 01-22 Medical, S. 3rd St. 01-23 911 Hang-up, E. College St. 01-24 Chest Pain, Millerville Rd. 01-24 Welfare Check, Hwy. 91 N. 01-24 Check Phone Number, Geer St. 01-24 Accident, Twilight Church Rd. 01-25 Cell Phone Hang-up, Brinson Rd. 01-25 Hang-up, Burr Rd. 01-25 Hang-up, Phillips Rd. 01-26 Medical, Avenue Rd. 01-26 Medical, E. Main St. 01-26 Accident, Whites Bridge 01-26 Hang-Up 01-27 Accident, N. First St. 01-27 Medical, N. First St. 01-27 Vehicle Flashing Lights, 27 S. 01-27 Unruly Juvenile, N. Milford St. 01-27 Gas Leakage, E. Bush St. 01-27 Phone Trouble, Hornsby Rd. 01-29 Hang-up, NW Sector 01-29 Transfer 2x, Early Co.

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