2007-01-31 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzy Willis

This past week the residents enjoyed church by First Baptist and Reminiscent Corner. On Thursday we celebrated National Chocolate Month, Ground Hog Day and Blue Jean Friday. On Monday we had fun with our new bowling set and enjoyed music with Mt. Zion Fellowship. On Tuesday we celebrated National Jell-O Day.

Activities for the Week of January 31 - February 6


10:30 Church by

First Baptist 2:30 Reminiscent Corner

Shopping for Residents

Thursday 10:30 Fun time with 2:30 Celebration of

Chocolate Month.

Friday 10:30 Church by United

Methodist Church 2:30 Music Socks Blue Jeans Friday


Family Day

2:30 Church with

Rev. Richard Wright

Sunday 10:00 Sunday School

4:00 Church by

Mothers Home


10:30 Bible Study

2:30 Bowling 7:00 Mt. Zion Fellowship


10:30 Bingo

2:30 National Jell-o Day

Our wonderful visitors of the week include the following:

Georgia Ayers, Christian Beasley, Sammy Gardner, Joyce Kolbuss, Carolyn Conard, Cathy Gardner, Sharon and Scotty Kolbuss and Burl Gardner all visited Pauline Gardner.

Annie Hill, Lillie Richardson, Minnie Kyles, and Angela Jones all visited Ben Kyles.

Sandra Shepard, Geraldine Warren, Samantha, Asia Goss, Juanita Hightower, Shannana Recks, Asia Goss, Sandra Shepard, Antrayves Benton, all visited Lonnie Bell Stromer.

Sarah Ann Glass, David and Mary Burke, all visited Lazelle Smith.

Patty Rogers visited Betty Strickland.

David Williams, Susan Grubs, Jim Merritt, visited Robbie Kirksey. David Williams visited Hazel Richardson.

Shy Blanks visited Eddie Williams.

Glenda Cox visited Hattie Newberry.

Carol Lewellen visited Yonnie Meeks.

Cheryl James visited Joshie Choice.

Christy Joiner visited Lois Peace.

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