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Miller County Hospital is best bargain for seniors

by MCL staff writer

Dr. B.S. Merritt, Miller County Hospital is Hospital Lab director Dr. B.S. Merritt, Miller County Hospital is Hospital Lab director We thought they couldn't get any better, but they did.

The Miller County Hospital continues to bring the best bargains and programs anywhere as the Senior Breakfast each Thursday morning keep getting better.

A few weeks ago, the hospital offered anyone who attended the Senior Breakfast a complete array of blood tests what would normally cost hundreds of dollars absolutely free. Laboratory manager, Rita Glass, drew blood for the tests, and she and her staff performed the tests and gave to the results back at the next Senior Breakfast.

After the blood tests were completed, Miller County Hospital laboratory director, Dr. Bradley Merritt, explained what each of the many tests were for and what to do if they were out of the normal ranges.

We said it was free, well, almost free. Each person must pay $1.50 for a heart healthy breakfast. For that cost, those in attendance get good food and the opportunity to hear some of the best doctors, technicians, and experts in their fields.

For example, at a recent Senior Breakfast, Wade Cook, Miller County Hospital pharmacist, gave a most interesting and informative talk on three things that can happen when you take medication. They were an allergic reaction, an adverse reaction and drug-drug interactions.

Rita Glass, MC Hospital lab technician County Hospital Rita Glass, MC Hospital lab technician County Hospital He gave the definition of each of these events and some examples. Cook stressed the fact that drug-drug interaction information was constantly changing, and pharmacies were updating their data on a monthly basis. He also stated that virtually all pharmacies have the technology to screen for drug-drug interaction, but if you don't use the same pharmacy to obtain all your medications, then there won't be a complete list of your medicines and a complete screening can't be done. He also warned of obtaining medicines from internet pharmacies or pharmacies located outside of the U.S. because of the lack of quality control from these sources.

At each of the Senior Breakfast meetings, you not only get the latest information about what is best for your health, but CEO Harley Smith always reports to those present what is happening at the hospital, such as the opening of the new wing of rooms, and what is being planned for the future to make Miller County Hospital second to none in medical service and patient care.

Wade "Buddy" Cook , Miller Miller County County Hospital pharmacist Wade "Buddy" Cook , Miller Miller County County Hospital pharmacist Dot Wainright, public relations officer for the hospital, is making plans for more and even better things to be on the program at the Senior Breakfast and the many other activities at the Miller County Hospital.

If you think that you would like to receive some of this information at these breakfast meetings, all you have to do is call Dot Wainright at 758-4240 to make your reservation for a good breakfast, great company,

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