2007-01-24 / Public Safety



On January 12, 2007, Officer Kenneth Kirkland responded to First Franklin Financial in reference to counterfeit money.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with Tammy Broome, of Donalsonville, who stated that upon making a deposit to the bank, a $100 bill was found to be counterfeit.

Broome stated she returned to the business and contacted the main branch.

Officer Kirkland took the currency as evidence. While speaking with Broome, she reported that more counterfeit money was taken about three weeks prior. This currency was also taken as evidence to be turned over to the Secret Service for investigation.



On January 14, 2007, Officer Kenny Knowles went to back up Deputy Sheriff Officer 799R on Kirk St. and Pine St.

He saw the deputy had two suspects and was putting one on the hood of his patrol unit.

Officer Knowles asked one of the suspects, Derrick Lamount Baker of Colquitt, to put his hands on the front of his patrol car.

Baker became very nervous and started walking away from the car.

The officer then noticed he was chewing on something; he asked him to spit it out.

He kept chewing what smelled like marijuana.

Officer Knowles asked Baker once again to spit out what he was chewing.

He then went to place Baker on the patrol unit with Captain Stone's assistance. Baker spit out a green leafy substance on the trunk of Officer Knowles patrol unit.

Baker was arrested and transported to the Miller County Jail for booking. He was charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce and obstruction.


On Thursday, January 18, 2007, Officer Kenny Knowles was dispatched to Fourth St. in reference to a gas drive-off.

He spoke with Melissa Lynn Akins, of Bainbridge, who stated that a yellow Mustang pulled up and pumped $26.57 worth of gas and drove off, headed south on Highway 27 N.


Stanley Shephard of Colquit, stated that he picked up his cell phone out of the floor board and collided with a tree. No injuries were reported, and no citations were issued.


Peyton Denise Puckerin of Colquitt was charged with no insurance and driving without a license.

Christopher Phillips of Colquitt was charged with probation violation.

Cody Daniel Moore of Colquitt was charged with simple battery.

Monique Buie was charged with deposit account fraud.

Emanuel Lewis Haire was charged with harassing phone calls.

Gerome Lewis Beamon of Colquitt was charged with DUI, failure to provide assistance, burglary, reckless driving, driving while license withdrawn, failure to drive within single lane, too fast for conditions, and adult restraint law seat belt.

David J. Jones of Colquitt was charged with burglary.


Drew Bailey Williams of Leesburg was traveling south on Highway 91 in a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Before arriving at Sow Branch Bridge, a deer ran from the left side of the road and hit the front of the vehicle, causing damage to the front bumper, grill guard, fender, light, and under carriage.

Williams came to the sheriff's office and made the report the following day.


On January 9, 2007, Parks Callan of Colquitt reported that someone had stolen an air conditioning heat unit from Cuthbert St.

On January 10, 2007, Callan checked the house again and noticed that a Husquvarna Chain Saw was also missing.

Photographs were taken, and the case is under investigation by the Miller County Sherriff's office.


On January 11, 2007, Deputy Robert Grier was called to Whites Bridge Road to take a report on a stolen pick-up truck, owned by Tommy Widner.

Widner stated that someone came onto his property without permission and took a 1965 Ford F-100. The incident is under investigation.


On January 19, 2007, Joshua H. Dean of Jakin was traveling west on Highway 272 when a deer ran out in front of his 2003 Ford Explorer.

Dean was unable to avoid hitting the deer. The vehicle was damaged extensively on the front of his vehicle. Deputy Robert Grier was the reporting officer.


On January 21, 2007, Deputy Robert Grier was dispatched to Kimbrel Rd. in reference to a car fire.

He spoke with the owner,

Chrishona Williams of Colquitt, who stated that she was returning home from Bainbridge and noticed fire coming out from under the hood.

She pulled over and jumped out - leaving her cell phone in the car.

A Baker County fireman was traveling south bound on Kimbrel Rd. and saw Williams standing in the road and stopped to help.

William Brossman, the fireman, stated that if he would have had a fire extinguisher, he may have been able to put out the fire that was coming from the battery box of the vehicle.

The Miller County Fire Department was dispatched. Fireman Ricky Smith stated that black smoke could be seen when he turned off of Highway 91 North, en route to the call.

The vehicle was just off the northbound lane of Kimbrel Rd.

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