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Gas prices drop, at some stations

at some by MCL staff writer

This was the cheapest gas in the area on Sunday. This was the cheapest gas in the area on Sunday. By the time you read this, it may be off either way, but the guess is that until the demand for gas goes back up in the spring and summer, the price at the pump may just continue to go down. The consensus of opinion on gas prices is that they will rise and fall as consumer demands do likewise. In other words, the price is set locally, statewide and nationally by supply and demand.

One wholesale dealer stated, "If you'll pay it, we'll charge it."G

as prices have fallen nation wide this week by as much as 15¢ per gallon. A gas price check at www// gaspricealert.com the first of this week found that the lowest gas price in the nation was $1.639 per gallon at Hoffman, MN. The highest gas prices were $3.469 per gallon in Kaunakakai, HI. The national average price per gallon was $2.169.

By national news reports, the costs will drop lower, but consumers shouldn't look for too much drop at the pumps.

Crude oil prices have fluctuated from above $60 per barrel to under $50 per barrel this year. The cost per gallon is affected by many factors such as taxes, refinery costs, distributing costs, marketing, and two of the biggest factors, local competition among gas stations and supply and demand.

According to the Energy Department, the price of crude oil accounts for about half the retail price of gasoline.

One official from a national organization that distributes gasoline stated, " The retailers aren't making their price decisions on the price of crude oil. They are pricing at the pump based on how much they paid for the last load in their tanks."

Another official stated that gasoline retailers have to charge 13¢ per gallon more than they are charged to break even and mark it up even more to make a profit.

Price checks show the low and high gas prices the first of this week as follows:
City                     Low       High
Albany                 2.029     2.209
Bainbridge           2.109     2.189
Blakely               2.119     2.159
Camilla               2.069     2.209
COLQUITT           2.059     2.399
Donalsonville       1.949     1.999
Dothan, AL           2.029     2.509
Newton               2.139     2.299
Tallahassee, FL   2.139     2.299
Tifton                 1.879     2.209

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