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Rare deer killed as season ends

by Terry Toole

John Cofty Jr. shows the rare piebald buck that he took while hunting on his father's farm near Brinson. John Cofty Jr. shows the rare piebald buck that he took while hunting on his father's farm near Brinson. What a way to end a season!

John Cofty Jr. of Bainbridge shot this rare part-albino (piebald) 11 point deer on his father's land on January 7.

Cofty stated that he was hunting on his father's farm in Decatur County with his wife, Key, that day. She has only been with me deer hunting a couple of times. He said that at about 6:10 p.m., he saw the big buck about 225 yards away.

"I told my wife that the deer was half white and half brown, and she looked at the deer with amazement, as we both did. The large buck stood on his hind legs and licked a limb and made a scrape.

I asked her if she wanted to shoot him," Cofty said.

She replied, "No!" "I told her to put her hands over her ears because it was going to get loud in the custom built 4' X 6' box stand made by Marty Phillips and me," Cofty said.

As Cofty's wife covered her ears, he took the shot with his .30-06 caliber rifle. The deer was hit in the back of the neck and he ran about 15 yards before he dropped.

What a rack! What a deer! What a rack! What a deer! Cofty stated that he and Marty Phillips have been hunting together for over 20 years, and they have practiced trophy management. "Neither of us have ever seen anything like this buck. Our conservation management has paid off. I could have killed my limit of deer, but we only kill for the meat we eat and trophies. I saw same deer over three years ago as a spike. My waiting for a trophy surely paid off," Cofty stated.

The huge part-albino buck sometimes called a pinto, weighed in at 184 pounds and scored 147 3/8. The huge buck was four and one-half years old.

Cofty stated that he had been contacted by "Woods and Water" magazine. "I have also heard from Georgia Outdoor News, Georgia Sportsman and North American Whitetail about doing a story on my deer," he continued.

W h e n a s k e d a b o u t a mount, he was quick to say that he was having a full body mount being done by Stacy Strickland at Buck Barn.

He stated that Strickland said that he had only seen two piebalds. One was a spike, and the other was a six-pointer.

"This one was a gift from God," Cofty stated.

John Cofty Jr. is the assistant operations manager at A & S Rentals, Inc. in Bainbridge.

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